The great majority of the concrete we install is replacement flatwork for existing homes.  We have a niche replacing failed, cracked, unsightly concrete that has either outlived its design life or, more often, never had a chance at living long in the first place.  The key to success for concrete includes several components:  the proper mix of concrete, a good solid base, adequate steel reinforcement, correct placement and finishing techniques, and necessary maintenance and care.  Our motto is “this is the last driveway (or patio, walkway) you will ever need”.  We feel that good concrete flatwork should last as long as your home, just like your foundation, brickwork, and other permanent components.  This approach may not be great for “job security”, but we prefer to rely on other contractors for that.   We also install exposed aggregate surfaces.  We do not subcontract any of our concrete work, unlike many landscape companies.  We have been installing concrete for over 15 years, and this work is a major part of our business.